To obtain a true Espresso,
the figure of the barista is irreplaceable

Training courses for baristas and coffee lovers


He must be motivated, prepared, knowledgeable and competent. Mokarico knows this and constantly assists all its operators to transfer skills, enthusiasm, passion and talent through courses organized by the Mokarico training hub center.

"WAKE UP" your Espresso!

Mini introductory course on the blend you use in your establishment or drink in the coffee shop below. Explore the world of coffee in just a few hours and perfect the blend you use to serve great Espressos to your customers or learn how to recognize when an Espresso has been made to perfection.

  • 40 / person
  • 2 hours
  • Max 8 participants

Barista Entry Level

A course for novice baristas or those who want to start refining their techniques. In just a few hours you will be able to find and adjust the grind, make excellent Espressos and whip milk to perfection for wonderful cappuccinos. The best way to take your coffee shop up a notch or enter the wonderful world of baristas!

  • 90 / person
  • 5 hours
  • Max 6 participants

Barista avanzato

For baristas who have taken the previous course and still have a desire to grow and learn: intensive course, with a theoretical introduction to the world of coffee in order to better know every single aspect and curiosity of this fascinating world. Full immersion on Espresso and potential mistakes not to make. Milk whipping and first latte art designs on cappuccino. This way you will become an all-around professional in the world of coffee making!

  • 240 / person
  • 8 hours
  • Max 4 participants

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