The Cafe

What makes our espresso perfect

Visiting plantations is a fundamental part of Mokarico's work. Our work team comes into direct contact with the producers to learn about all the characteristics and qualities of green coffee. Our strength lies in the selection of coffee orgins to ensure the perfect extraction in the cup and guarantee a high quality Espresso. From this meticulous work of selection and extraction, our blends are born:

Coffee from organic farming of the highest quality capable of expressing aromas and scents of great Italian Espresso. Composed of processed Arabica of Mexican origin grown by small producers at an altitude of 1700 meters above sea level, it reveals notes of almond, chocolate and vanilla.

A blend of great structure and character that has good body, consistent roundness, pleasant spiciness and a distinct aroma. It is the result of skillful blending of the finest Arabica beans accompanied by a small percentage of Indian robusta that gives the perfect roundness.

Our top seller, the most popular blend for making true Italian espresso, a perfect balance of acidity, body, aroma, flavor and sweetness.

Blend characterized by an intense and delicate aroma that has a light body on the palate. The aromaticity of this blend is striking in its complexity and delicacy, offering notes of flowers, vanilla, citrus, light chocolate that persist to the aftertaste.

Full of body and flavor, it is our caffeine-free blend-bar that, thanks to gentle processing, is characterized by sweet hints of almond and milk chocolate, with hints of dried fruit.