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We are a 'family business, made up of people dedicated to the culture for coffee

componenti azienda caffè mokarico


Our story begins in the early 1900s in Florence, when roasters still intoxicated city centers with smells. Our goal has always been to serve the best cup of Espresso, with a unique, inimitable style: our style. It was the 1960s when young Marco Paladini, now the company's patron, was playing with coffee beans under the watchful eye of Uncle Corrado.

Since then the company has come a long way, opening to the entire national territory and expanding beyond many borders, continuing to guard the secrets of coffee processing and blending. Today Mokarico is a cutting-edge reality, dedicated to the continuous search for the perfect bean, which it uses to produce not only great blends, but also specialty coffees of structure and quality signed by coffee specialist Tommaso Bongini.

donna con tazzina caffè Mokarico a ponte vecchio Firenze