Organic Coffee

Italian Organic that truly protects the environment

Eating organic food or drink means respecting and protecting the areas where the raw material is grown and processed. Organic farming not only frees soils from the stress given by the use of chemical fertilizers or to accelerated production cycles, but respects them in all their phases, enhancing their peculiarities. Deciding to create an organic line even in coffee means embracing and sharing this philosophy aimed as much as possible at the search for authentic and genuine flavors.

caffè e merchandising biologico Mokarico

Our research

Mokarico Coffee Organic is the result of years of research and continuous evolution. It is a 100% Arabica blend, composed of only two origins-Mexico and Nicaragua, both sourced from small producers who comply with organic farming regulations. Washed coffee enhances acidity, floral and fresh fruit aromas and fresh aromatic notes, at the "expense" of a less pronounced sweetness than natural coffees, which are certainly rounder in taste, but less sophisticated in aroma. Our Coffee, thanks to a medium roast, manages to enhance the aromatic and retro-olfactory aspect while still maintaining the round and velvety body of Italian espresso: at the olfactory level, aromas of ripe fruit, almond and hints of citric emerge. In the cup, the round body enhances notes of caramel, sweet malt, ripe cherry. The finish is clean, intense with notes of grapefruit and bitter cocoa.

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