Corporate Policy

The DIGE General Management, defines and approves the "Company Policy" that documents the objectives and commitments made, according to the company's strategies towards Customers, the Market, the Environment and more generally all Interested Parties, so that the performance of the Management System is implemented, maintained and improved, regulatory requirements are guaranteed and any voluntary agreements signed by the Company with the Interested Parties. The Management System, as described and defined in this document, enables compliance with the commitments made by the DIGE General Management, which considers the participation of the entire Workforce in the implementation of the Management System to be decisive, so as to achieve full Customer Satisfaction, Interested Parties, sustainable development of the Environmental Management System and consolidation of the Company's Image in the market. Through the Company Policy it is intended to emphasize the Company's willingness to transpose, achieve and maintain compliance with the mandatory regulations and more generally with all the requirements that the Company subscribes to (voluntary agreements) in relation to environmental aspects directly or indirectly related to the organization, defining a reasonable level of performance for the Management System, aiming at its constant improvement and preparing internal and external communication appropriate to the reality and the Company's needs.

Through the Corporate Policy, the DIGE General Management communicates, inside and outside the Company, that it intends to operate with efficient and transparent methods and systems that guarantee the continuous detection of the expectations of the Interested Parties and the evolution of the Management System that ensures its implementation, in terms of continuous improvement, towards said expectations. The methods through which the communication of said Policy is ensured are outlined below. The Policy also descends from the consideration of the environmental aspects and impacts defined in the document Environmental Analysis and its periodic updates established by Procedure PA001, and is coherently integrated with the Company Policy so much so that, by the precise will of the DIGE General Management, it is formalized in a single summary document, deferring to specific Programs and Plans the objectives descended from it. The ""objectives"" identified by the DIGE General Management are listed below and are disseminated by it to all personnel so that they learn them and pursue them within the scope of their responsibilities and competencies. DIGE's General Management is committed to providing the necessary investments and spreading the corporate culture at all levels because it believes that corporate operating results and respect for the Environment can only be achieved through the commitment and professionalism of all those who directly and indirectly participate in the Company's activities and life.

General goals and commitments

The General Objectives (Policy) that DIGE General Management sets with the implementation of the Management System are:

  • Ensure periodic review of the Policy's compliance and appropriateness with corporate strategies and guidance from the Company and Interested Parties (including returns from the field and voluntary agreements signed by the Company);
  • Ensure the establishment of an efficient Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System that is consistent with the strategies defined by the DIGE Executive Board and with the requirements arising from the regulations taken as reference (including applicable Regulations, International Instruments and their interpretations, and commitments signed with Interested Parties);
  • To design and Propose to the Market products and mixtures that are increasingly environmentally friendly and at appropriate economic conditions, and to implement support services, including the training of personnel of Customers or other Interested Parties, that enable the sustainable development of the Company aimed at the management of all aspects related to the perspective of the product life cycle and the satisfaction of Customers' demands and thus their loyalty;
  • Pursue Customer Satisfaction (through continuous improvement of technical knowledge and innovations of its equipment and products, the results of its production process and the service provided to the Customer) and compliance with applicable Laws and Regulations (including voluntary agreements signed with Interested Parties), applicable to its environmental aspects;
  • Pursuing the continuous improvement of all Business Processes and the effectiveness of the Management System, so as to guarantee the Customer the "quality" of the product/service, while reducing internal "waste" and consequently costs, and taking care to prevent pollution by acting on the activities of its own pertinence and/or those delegated to its suppliers;
  • Ensure continuous technological innovation of the processes and methodologies used to conduct them that implies effective management of the safety requirements of the working environments and consequently assures the Company and all Interested Parties of technical advantages capable of affecting the product, service and related environmental aspects.
  • To promote continuous improvement of the technical/technological level of Suppliers by raising their awareness and participating in projects for their technological development also oriented to the improvement of their environmental performance as well as the management of all aspects related to the product life cycle perspective.
  • To guarantee an innovative, efficient and transparent communication system that ensures that the Company and all Interested Parties can contribute to the continuous improvement of the Management System by analyzing and evaluating all available indications and establishing an open and constructive dialogue for the identification of common projects and objectives.
  • Design and manufacture products that meet the economic expectations of ownership and regulatory and legislative requirements while considering their overall life cycle and direct and indirect environmental impacts, i.e., sustainable development of the Company;
  • Promote and integrate the principle of gender equality into the processes governing all stages of professional life and human resource development, so that decisions on recruitment, training and career development are made solely on the basis of people's skills, experience, and professional potential, in accordance with the OECD Guidelines and the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights;

To enable the achievement of these Goals, the DIGE Directorate General is committed to:

  • Ensure the availability of the Resources necessary to pursue these Goals (means and personnel) by carrying out education, training and information activities for workers and all personnel involved in the activities;
  • Adopt Plans for Continuous Improvement of the effectiveness and efficiency of the Management System by defining and reviewing during periodic Management Reviews objective and measurable Objectives consistent with this Policy, which is the framework for them;
  • Continuously monitor Customer Satisfaction and Stakeholder Expectations to verify the actual fulfillment of all Requirements and foster external communication;
  • Ensure continuous improvement of its products, processes and their environmental performance through the analysis and incorporation of all feedback from the field.

Corporate policy communication and review

DIGE General Management prescribes that the contents of Section 5.3 "Company Policy" be communicated within A.D.A. S.r.l. through:

  • Controlled distribution of this Handbook to Function Managers;
  • Posting on the bulletin boards designated for communications to Personnel, of the extract stating the points related to the above Policy;

and outside the Company (for all employees working on behalf of the Company) through:

  • Uncontrolled distribution of this Handbook to Interested Parties;
  • Publication on the Company's website;
  • placed on view to visitors of the Company (Customers and Suppliers) at the notice boards displayed to the public.

The Resp. of the EMS Management System during the execution of Internal Audits, verifies the understanding of the contents of the Policy, by all Personnel of A.D.A. S.r.l.

DIGE General Management is committed to reviewing the Policy during Periodic Management Reviews to ensure that it is always suitable and adequate for the purposes of A.D.A. S.r.l.

The Directorate General DIGE

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