Mokarico Organic coffee, apart from being a single origin is also a mono varietal coffee: in fact it consists entirely of Typica, varietal of Coffea Arabica, undergoing a wet depulping process (washed) that brings out all those fine and delicate aromas that only washed coffee can offer. This method of coffee processing, definitely more expensive and laborious than the natural method, brings results in a much more complex, fine and delicate cup.

Washed coffee enhances the acidity, floral and fresh fruit aromas and fresh aromatic notes, to detriment of a less marked sweetness compared to natural coffees, definitely rounder in taste, but less sophisticated in aroma.

The Mokarico Organic coffee, thanks to a medium roast, manages to highlight aromas, flavors and aftertaste notes while keeping the round and velvety body of the Italian espresso: at olfactory level emerge aromas of ripe fruit, almond and citric aromas. In the cup the round body brings out notes of caramel, chocolate, ripe cherry. The end is clean and intense with notes of grapefruit and cocoa.