Company Policy & Respect For The Environment

The DIGE Directorate General is committed to making the necessary investments and propagating the Company culture at all levels as it believes that the company’s operating results and respect for the environment can only be achieved with the commitment and professionalism of everybody who participates, directly or indirectly, in the life and activity of the Company.

General Objectives And Commitments

The general objectives (Policy) that the DIGE Directorate General has established with the implementation of the Management System are:

  1. To guarantee the periodic verification of the compliance and adequacy of the Policy with the Company's strategies and the information provided by the Company and the Interested Parties (including field returns and voluntary agreements entered into by the Company);
  2. To guarantee the establishment of an Integrated Quality and Environment Management System that is efficient and consistent with the strategies defined by the DIGE Directorate General and with the requirements derived from the reference regulations (including the applicable Regulations, International Instruments and their interpretations and commitments signed with Interested Parties);
  3. To design and provide the Market with products and mixtures that are increasingly environmentally compatible and appropriately priced and provide support services, including staff training for Clients or other Interested Parties, enabling a sustainable development of the Company aimed at meeting any client requirements and therefore earning their loyalty;
  4. To pursue Customer Satisfaction (through continuous improvement of technical knowledge and innovation of equipment and products and achieving results from our production process and customer service) and compliance with applicable laws and regulations (including voluntary agreements signed with Interested Parties), applicable to environmental aspects;
  5. To pursue the continuous improvement of all Business Processes and the effectiveness of the Management System so as to guarantee a ‘quality’ product/service to the Customer, while reducing internal ‘waste’ and, therefore, costs and being careful to limit pollution on all our affairs and/or those delegated to suppliers;
  6. Ensure continuous technological innovation of the processes and methodologies used, which implies effective management of the safety requirements for the work environments and consequently ensurestechnical advantages for the Company and all Interested Parties, which will have positive repercussions on the product, service and related environmental aspects;
  7. To promote the continuous improvement of the technical/technological level of our Suppliers, informing them and sharing in projects for their technological development, also aimed at improving their environmental performance;
  8. To ensure an innovative, efficient and transparent communication system that can guarantee continuous improvement of the Management System, by analysing and evaluating all available information and by establishing open and constructive dialogue on identifying common projects and goals.

In order to achieve these objectives, the DIGE Directorate General undertakes:

  1. To ensure the availability of the resources needed to pursue these objectives (means and staff), by conducting education, training and information activities for workers and all staff involved in these activities;
  2. To adopt Plans for Continuous Improvement of the Effectiveness and Efficiency of the Management System by defining and reviewingobjective and measurable goals in line with this framework Policy during periodic Assessments by the Management;
  3. To continually Monitor Customer Satisfaction, to verify the real fulfilment of all requirements and to encourage external communication with the outside;
  4. To continually Monitor Customer Satisfaction, to verify the real fulfilment of all requirements and to encourage external communication with the outside;